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Reymond Schumacher
City: Gossau (St.Gallen)
Country: Switzerland
Close Airports: Zurich - Kloten (ZRH), Altenrhein (ACH), Sitterdorf (LSZV), Friedrichshafen (FDH)

Camcorder: Panasonic HDR-S250

Tripod:  "Star 61" (will be replaced)

Favourite aircrafts:

A310, A330s, A346, B777s, B757s, MD80s

About me

The Beginning

When I was 15 years old (2006) I was already a big aviation fanatic and so I decided to buy a camcorder to start planespotting. Since I was a little boy I'm going to Fortaleza (Brazil) once a year. And the travel by plane is one of the greatest highlights of the holidays. As I bought my first camcorder in 2006 i began planespotting (Altenrhein, April 2006).

In April 2007 my first video became public on
Flightlevel350 and until now it's my best rated video (3,32). Only 3 months later my quantity of aviation videos became so big that I decided to create an own homepage. During 2007 I went to Zurich Airport every second month and tried out new positions. At the end of the year I started to look for a new 3CCD-Camcorder

My first planespotting day was already on 2nd January. It had to be the last time for my old camcorder but short decided I went to ZRH again at the beginning of February and filmed from the last missing position around ZRH (the rwy28 where the planes approach very low). In the summer i had a linguistic stay in Montreux, a city situated near lake geneva. I took the chance to go to the Cointrin Airport which isn't far from there. Three times i went there for spotting and every day there were great surprises.

My Equipment
I've got now a Panasonic SDR-H250EG (3CCD), so I can make videos in better quality. My tripod "Star 61" is very important to me for planespotting but becaise of its lightness its not always very easy to have a completely steady image, so it will be replaced by a new one soon.

Greatest planespotting successes:

Top 10 Videographer of June 2007 (Rank 10/ 5 Videos)
Top 10 Videographer of April 2008 ( Rank 6/ 5 Videos)

These special aircraft I've already seen on planespotting (There are links to where you can see how the aircraft looks like):

Qatar Airways - A332: 15th Asian Games (A7-ACI)
CSA Czech - B735: 80 Years
Germanwings - A319: Park Inn Hotels
Swiss International Air Lines - RJ100: Shopping Paradise Zurich
Malaysia Airlines - B772: Heliconia
Travel Service - B738: 02 Telefonica
Swiss International Air Lines - A320:
Euro 2008
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