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Time:03.01.2009 um 21:54 (UTC)
Message:die seite ist geil ?

Name:Edelson Boechat Pereira
Time:27.12.2008 um 14:21 (UTC)
Message:Love of aviation. I live in the south of Brazil and have a son aged 16. This year he will spend holidays in Recife, near Fortaleza. We see their videos and there is great progress. Congratulations. Continue with your good work.

Time:19.10.2008 um 18:56 (UTC)
Message:die seite ist geil

Name:Cpt. Allan
Time:19.10.2008 um 17:17 (UTC)
Message:Hi remi
Your website is very nice and wonderfull , i wish you anice life and keep continue on these field (Aviation and i hope to see you a Captain one day )
Cpt. Allan
Qatar airways co-pilot A320

Time:15.10.2008 um 14:28 (UTC)
Message:Hello, this is a very nice site!
Please come to my site :
Thank you!

Time:01.10.2008 um 11:42 (UTC)

Great vids!

And you should put a photo of yourself on this website so we can see the person behind so many good vids posted!

Time:20.09.2008 um 12:15 (UTC)
Message:Hello!! I'm 15 years old and I live in Lausane near Geneva!! I love planes very much like you! I want just say you that your videos are very great!! Con gratulations!!! Continue like that!!

Name:Bernd Leuze
Time:24.08.2008 um 12:51 (UTC)
Message:Hi Remi,

congratulation for you videos! They're very good - especially the new one of Altenrhein. Would be nice to hear from you. Greets from Germany - Bernd

Time:23.07.2008 um 12:42 (UTC)
Message:hi remi
your page is great, many people told me to have a look at your site. You really got talent, I like your videos very much. Go on like that and you will become famous once with all your videos.

Name:Mina Isaac Bassaly
Time:06.04.2008 um 17:33 (UTC)
Message:hey Reymond , congratulations realy , your videos are amazing , i watched and downloaded all your videos from Flightlevel 350 , i mean it all and i liked it , and i love ur latest videos in FDH , we are for sure waiting for more and more on theis great homepage and on Flightlevel350 ,
congratulations again and again
keep 'm commin

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