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  BSL-BCN-BSL Sep 2009

On board Basel > Barcelona > Basel

23rd September 2009 - Basel > Barcelona 
Flight EZY 1073
Duration 08h25 - 10h05
Aircraft Airbus A319 (8 Exits)
Seat 20A

Part 1: Boarding, Pushback, Take-off, climb and cruise along the alps

Click to view jet aircraft movie:
Airbus A319
Duration: 6 Min 34 Sec
Views: 4,676

Part 2: Descending, Approach along the coast and landing

Click to view aircraft video:
Airbus A319
Duration: 5 Min 13 Sec
Views: 3,260

21st September 2007 - Zürich > Düsseldorf
EasyJet Switzerland
Flight EZS 1074
Duration 11h55 - 13h45
Aircraft Airbus A319 (8 Exits)
Seat 26F

Whole flight in a short video. I didn't film much because in the last row i had one half of a very dirty window and so there wasn't much to see.


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