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  ZRH-LIS-FOR Apr 2007

On Board Zürich > Lisbon > Fortaleza (2007) 

7th April 2007 - Zürich > Lisbon
 Swiss Int Air Lines
Flight LX 2084
Duration 09h45 - 11h30 (-1h)
Aircraft Airbus A320

Seat 15A

Video 1 - Boarding, pushback and engine start up

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Video 2 - En route over the Alps and the Pyrenees

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Video 3 - Descending (without approach) and taxiing after landing

Click to view aircraft movie:
Airbus A320
Duration: 4 Min 55 Sec
Views: 1,737

7th April 2007 - Lisbon > Fortaleza
TAP Portugal
Flight TP 163
Duration 15h40 - 18h45 (-4h)
Aircraft Airbus A310-300/ET
Reg CS-TDI *no paint*
Seat 22A

Video 1 - Bus ride, boarding, pushback, take-off and climb

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Airbus A310
Duration: 5 Min 11 Sec
Views: 2,368

Video 2 - Getting Dark over the Atlantic, Night approach, Landing and Taxiing

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